About MJ Schwader

Using humor, a strong intuition, and a lifetime of experience, published author and writing coach MJ Schwader guides coaches, speakers, healers, and conscious entrepreneurs to craft and promote their products, services, and businesses using the power of writing – from concept to the marketplace.

With more than 20 years of experience as a writing coach and internet marketer, MJ helps clients shift their awareness, ignite their inspiration, and clear beliefs that are holding them back from achieving success. Having worked with over 250 published authors, including several best-sellers, MJ has developed a profound and successful process for breaking through limited thinking and fears to help clients remove blocks, find healing, and create transformational writing from their stories.

MJ learned writing coaching techniques from 30 years of experience in the publishing industry after graduating with a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Technical Journalism and Business Management from Oregon State University. After training at Coach University, MJ became one of the first 5000 coaches in the world, becoming a pioneer in coaching writers to become published authors.

MJ’s unique blend of 30+ years of experience in technology, e-commerce, and writing, combined with a life-time of study in human potential and consciousness, inspires clients to create and market their transformational books, ebooks, and other information products.