19 Jul

The Gospel of Writing According to MJ, Chapter Five – Transformational Writing Author

 Micah Schwader

Hold On To Your Vision  This gospel might seem to be in direct conflict with Gospel Four, letting go of expectations. However, there is a distinct difference between expectation and vision. Let me explain. An expectation is a limited view of how something will unfold. When we place an expectation on something, we shut off…

25 May

Writing With Soul: The Gospel of Writing According to MJ, Chapter Two – Self Publishing Coaching

 Micah Schwader

You Will Understand Yourself Better and Faster Through the Writing Process In my coaching, I share everything I know about writing and living, too. I believe your writing and what you are living right now are entwined. It’s not scientific; it’s only my theory, but there seems to be a chemical response that helps you…