Intuitive Storytelling Master Class

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    What is Intuitive Storytelling?

    It's learning to become a channel for writing by moving beyond your resistances and fears and connecting to that core genius within to reveal the message waiting to be revealed through your words.

    In this hands-on workshop (bring your pen and paper!), you will learn:

    • The six fears of writers and how the same fear affects your life

    • How to move past your fears to become a channel for your writing that flows from your soul

    • The Arc of a Story and how to create scenes, characters, and plots for non-fiction

    Join Transformational Writing Coach Micah Schwader and Life Coach Pete Steadman for Intuitive Storytelling Master Class

    Tuesday, July 25th, at 1:00 Eastern, 10:00 Pacific.

    There is no fee to register!