Intuitive Storytelling Experience

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Are you tired of wrestling with creating and clarifying your signature story?

Do you crave a signature story you can be proud to use on stage, in articles, and on social media?

Creating and refining your signature story is the CORE component of your marketing that drives your clients to invest in working with you.

There is an art and science to developing your signature story so that you take your clients on a journey and they feel they know you and want to hire you.

Intuitive Storytelling doesn't require templates and scripts or following a specific formula. It requires going deeper into your story, connecting to your intuition, and allowing the story to be written through you.

When you have a compelling story, it serves as your guide for your content, programs, and services, making it easy to create more content.

Clients will be eager to hire you and you will be sought out for speaking, podcasts, and as a guest contributor to blogs as the go-to expert.

In this Masterclass, you will walk away with a draft of your signature story to begin using in all of your marketing.

You will also have an opportunity to take your signature story and develop it into a chapter in an anthology focused on Inner Guidance, immediatlely putting your story to work for you!

Join Transformational Writing Coach Micah Schwader and Business and Writing Mentor Kori Gouge for an Intuitive Storytelling Experience, Wednesday, January 12th, at 3:00 Eastern, 1:00 Mountain.

This is an experiential workshop (bring your pen and paper!) where you will learn how to:

• Tune into your inner guidance to access what your soul wants to say

• Write from spirit so the story flows through your heart to the pen

• Discern the core story from all the messy writing

• Develop that core story into engaging and compelling writing

• Take readers on a journey where they know they want to work with you

• Repurpose your core story in your marketing to stand out from your competition in articles, social media posts, and more

You will walk away with the first draft of your signature story completed!

Join us Wednesday, January 12th, 2021 at 3:00 Eastern, 1:00 Mountain!

Intuitive Storytelling Experience

3:00 Eastern, Wednesday, January 12th, 2022

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