Shamanic Storytelling: Channeled Writing

One-Day Workshop in Costa Rica

Imagine you are writing with ease and flow. The beautiful and profound words seem to magically appear from a mysterious source beyond your consciousness.

And when you look back at what you’ve written, you don’t recognize what is on the page because of the zone you were in while writing.

Reaching that state, you have transcended time and space, entered another cosmos, and traveled to other dimensions to write.

You have joined the mystics, the shamans, the keepers of wisdom in channeling the realms of the unconscious, superconscious, and collective consciousness to craft your words.

What you write in that space is the breath of spirit blowing through you. You have become the conduit for all potentiality—a channeler and a storyteller.

Walking in Two Worlds

The original channelers and storytellers were shamans, who walked between the known or “ordinary” world and the spirit realms and carried their people’s history, medicine, and knowledge.

Shamans channel information in a trance-like state in alternate dimensions to find answers for the health and well-being of their tribe.

With writing, you also step into a different reality. You travel a similar path through imagination and creation to find the story that wants to come alive on the page, full of imagery and movement.

Weaving Shamanic practices into your writing naturally strengthens your channeling and storytelling abilities because, as a writer, you also walk in two worlds.

Why Shamanic Storytelling?

The single most significant thing that stops writers is that they think about what they are writing instead of allowing the words to surface without filters or restrictions. The thinking mind is the source of all doubt and fear, and that’s a difficult place for creation.

Shamanic techniques shift the rational, logical part of the brain to the creative source.

And because storytelling is in our DNA, the stories come alive when you write from those deep places.

Remarkably, when you learn these techniques for writing, they also impact every aspect of your life. Because once you have a direct connection with the spirit world, you will know how to access it for all types of information.

“I never expected this program would take me down into the crevasses of my soul and bring me out again, transformed and excited about the possibilities that life now has to offer. Micah has been blessed with such an awesome gift that allows people a safe place to grow and transform. His sense of discernment “draws” out of one more than they thought they could be, even though tough and painful at times. Thank you Micah for helping me find my voice.”

~ Suzanne Duque, contributing author to Emerge: Real Stories of Courage and Truth

Becoming a Channel for Storytelling

Shamanic techniques help you break through the thinking brain, setting aside self-judgment and ego-driven fears and opening to new creative potential.

All writers strive for that ability—to channel writing with little effort and no struggle from a place so deep you wonder at its source.

  • If you are ready to free your writing from your beliefs, fears, and errant thoughts…
  • If you would like to channel stories with the breath of spirit flowing through you…
  • If you are ready to find ease and flow using shamanic techniques in your writing…
  • If you would like to have a deeper connection with the spirit realms…

…join me for Shamanic Storytelling: Channeled Writing

“Micah has really helped me to let go of what was holding me back… Working with him gave me the confidence to say ‘you can do this’! The gift was to self-actualize and get clear about how events influenced my life. It was the greatest gift to work with Micah.”

~ Schuyler Morgan, contributing author to 3 anthology books: A Guide to Getting It: Self-Esteem, A Guide to Getting It: Achieving Abundance, and
A Guide to Getting It: Remarkable Management Skills

Meet Micah: Shamanic Practitioner and Transformational Writing Coach

Falling asleep at the wheel while driving woke me up to a new life perspective. Those few seconds of chaos were the most terrifying—and clarifying—of my life. I realized that if I survived the turbulence I’d just experienced, I must have a bigger life purpose yet to fulfill.

After walking away from the destroyed vehicle and my near-death encounter with minor injuries, I set a new intention to learn how to help myself and others heal and transform their lives.

The next few months led me on a serendipitous path to LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Healing, where I began a 20-year journey of learning the principles, rituals, and healing methods of shamanism. At the same time, I discovered and began training to become a Life and Business Coach.

Using my degree in Technical Journalism and experience in the publishing world, I helped a coaching client write and self-publish a book, and everything shifted again. I saw the enormous benefits of weaving life coaching with writing and began to help coaches, speakers, and enlightened entrepreneurs write and publish their transformational books.

Meanwhile, the more I learned about shamanism, the more I realized how much the same principles and techniques applied to writing.

While helping more than 250 authors become published, I developed a writing method that weaves shamanic principles of dimensional travel through journeying with writing and storytelling techniques. The result is profound healing and wisdom that my writers gain from their channeled writing.

“Working with Micah was inspirational and transformational. If you are looking to grow yourself, to really dig deep and transform on the inside, this is the course for you.”

~ Michelle J. Perzan, contributing author of Emerge: Real Stories of Courage and Truth and her recently published book, Strength in My Storm: Faith and Breast Cancer

What You Will Learn in Shamanic Storytelling: Channeled Writing

Shamanic Storytelling is a fascinating journey using writing as a tool for healing as you move through your vulnerabilities and fears to find insights and new perspectives to share.

In Shamanic Storytelling, you will learn:

  • The basics of the Shamanic Journey, a technique where you travel to spirit worlds to find answers to your questions from the spirit guides you meet
  • How to move into a trance-like state to become a channeler of information
  • How to work with different spirits, from power animals and angels to healing and writing guides
  • The principles of the Medicine Wheel, which parallels the “story arc” in storytelling
  • The four directions of the life path:
    • the east and new beginnings
    • the south where you learn on your journey
    • the west where introspection reveals your purpose
    • the north where you share the wisdom you have learned
  • Specific storytelling techniques like “showing” versus “telling”
  • How to move your story forward using scenes, characterization, and actions (for both fiction and narrative non-fiction).
  • How to refine your writing, polishing it until it shines.

How You Can Become a Shamanic Storyteller

Shamanic Storytelling: Channeled Writing is a day-long experiential class from 10-4, with lunch included.

You will receive all of the benefits above, plus the following bonuses:

  • A 10-minute recording of drumming for shamanic journeying on your own during and after the course.
  • A one-hour, one-on-one meeting (by Zoom or in person) with me for specific questions about the course material and your writing (a $200 value)

Shamanic Storytelling will change your life. Beyond writing, what you learn will transform how you see your world. You become the healer and the healed.

Join me, Shamanic Practitioner and Transformational Writing Coach Micah Schwader
one-day workshop Sunday, May 13th, 2023  from 10-4 in Chimerol
directions and further instructions will be sent after registration. Lunch is included!
The cost is $197.

Class size is limited to Four, so Email Micah Now to Reserve Your Seat!

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“If I were to recommend this program to my best friend, I would tell her to dive in, be challenged, be set free, and be transformed through writing. It is more than just a course; it is an experience.”

~ Anita Boutwell-Dixon, contributing author to Emerge: Real Stories of Courage and Truth