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Stumbling Into Grace—Download an Excerpt of My Soon-to-Be-Released Memoir

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What Readers are Saying…

Stumbling Into Grace is outstanding! A profound storyteller, Micah Schwader’s words mesmerize and enchant, captivating the reader. This book is filled with stories, journal entries, and messages from Micah’s spiritual guides, dreams, and inner knowing. His spiritual quests, both literal and figurative, interface and weave together as he authentically expresses his life to his readers. Micah beautifully reveals how strategies of shamanism can lead you to higher enlightenment and bring forth a future that already exists and is waiting to be realized.

The outcome of his story contains AWE…..

This book captures the essence of ancient wisdom in spell-binding stories relatable to anyone who has chosen to seek awareness of life’s mysteries and ask the hard questions about existence.”

~ Jan Engels-Smith, Founder of LightSong School of 21st-Century Shamanism and Energy Healing and author of Becoming Yourself: The Journey from Head to Heart and Through the Rabbit Hole: Explore and Experience the Shamanic Journey and Energy Medicine

“You won’t be able to put Stumbling Into Grace down. Micah Schwader shares his story in a compelling, beautifully written, and very intimate way. His life journey is revealed through myriad pathways—family relationships, spiritual journeys, health challenges, and a personal lens through the spectrum of gender identity. Vulnerable, poignant—I cried and laughed as I read it.”

~ Dr. Leslie Nicholas, Naturopathic Physician

“WOW! I loved reading this book! Micah Schwader writes so beautifully; a vivid storyteller. Stumbling Into Grace is an inspiring must read for anyone seeking their inner knowing and finding their way to joy.”

~ Mary Hild, author of Your Story is a Circle

“I couldn’t put it down. Stumbling Into Grace is absolutely beautiful and so touching. I cried and smiled through the whole book!”

~ Lori Feller

“Micah is a true storyteller! His tale of heart-led perseverance is inspirational. Courageously facing oppression to discover the truth of who he is took an act of faith. Stumbling Into Grace shares his vulnerable journey toward liberation.”

~ Cheryl Greathouse, M.A.