Clarify Your Core Message, Grow Your Reach, and Enhance Your Authority in this unique business Growth and book Writing Opportunity

Transform Your Writing and Increase Your Impact
in the Awaken Your Creative Genius Book Series

Writing a book and becoming a published author provides visibility, prestige, and authority. It is also a deeper commitment to your life of service as well as part of building your legacy.

However, writing a book by yourself takes time – even if you know how to write!

There is an alternative: Co-author a book!

There are a lot of logical reasons to write a book. It opens doors to platform-building opportunities, increases leads, revenue and profit, and clarifies your core message.

But the most important reasons to become published?

You are creating a mission around your message, being of service to the world,
and making an impact that expands and transforms lives!

If you are building a world-wide brand or following to bring your message to a larger audience, having a book is one of the best tools you can have.

If you would like to impact people worldwide…

If you have always known that being a published author can springboard you to another level…

If you’d like to shorten the time to publication, collaborate with other like-minded authors, and have guidance and support from a writing coach… 

… then the Awaken Your Creative Genius collaborative anthology book series is for you!

Be a part of our new series,
Awaken Your Creative Genius

The Awaken Your Creative Genius series is dedicated to helping readers navigate our rapidly transforming world by reconnecting to the source of knowingness and purpose that determines what we create in our lives.

The Awaken Your Creative Genius book series guides readers from the inside out to manifest a healthier, happier life.

Whether it is learning to listen to inner guidance, trusting the source of inspiration, or understanding how to tap into creative powers to serve others and build a better world, the Awaken Your Creative Genius books are guides to help readers create an expansive life for themselves and those they serve.

An Invitation to Join Our First Book in the Series: The Inner Voice of Guidance

What does it mean to live your life according to what is calling you from within?

What would you share with those who desire to live a spirit-led life but feel bogged down by the logical mind, doubts, and the voice of ego? How would your story transform what they believe is possible for them?

The truth is, there aren’t many people who have the courage to live a life led by their inner guidance and still others who struggle with how. Sharing the story of your journey of connection with your inner knowingness could change thousands of lives.

If you would like to learn how to become a powerful writer, navigate the challenges of writing and publishing a book with the guidance of coaches, and become a published author, we would like to invite you to write a chapter in The Inner Voice of Guidance, the first book in the Awaken Your Creative Genius book series.

The focus of this book is to offer timely, useful, authoritative, and life-enhancing chapters for people who want to rediscover and engage with their inner voice, to re-envision their purpose, and choose what fills them with passion. When you take action from an inner place of creating, the world around you transforms with increasing flow and joy.

The chapters in The Inner Voice of Guidance will bring to life the authors’ stories
of how they have been transformed by following their inner voice.

The intended audience for this book is looking to manifest a new reality based on their creative genius,
that spark of their spirit that is waiting to catch on fire.

“MJ has really helped me to let go of what was holding me back… Working with MJ gave me the confidence to say ‘you can do this’! The gift was to self-actualize and get clear about how events influenced my life. Each anthology was terrific! One of the chapters I’ve continued to use over and over in all of my work as a coach. It was the greatest gift to work with MJ.”

~ Schuyler Morgan, contributing author to 3 anthology books: A Guide to Getting It: Self-Esteem, A Guide to Getting It: Achieving Abundance, and
A Guide to Getting It: Remarkable Management Skills

“If I were to recommend this program to my best friend, I would tell her to dive in, be challenged, be set free, and be transformed through writing. It is more than just a project; it is an experience.”

~ Anita Boutwell-Dixon, contributing author to Emerge: Real Stories of Courage and Truth

“MJ and I launched the Horse as Teacher anthology book series where twenty individuals shared their philosophies and stories about horses. I am proud of the contribution these two books and the authors made to the movement with horses.

In 2019, MJ helped me complete my book, Horse Spirits Speak, which wouldn’t have happened without his help. MJ was also instrumental in helping me complete my latest book, Life Lessons from the Heart of Horses (due out in January 2021). We’ve now worked together to publish six books.

MJ is kind, methodical, strategic, and considerate in his editing approach. He clearly cares about the author’s authentic voice and is a master at supporting that individual in getting their message out to the world.

Additionally, he is well-versed in all of the nuances of being published and how to sell the book once it is done.

I highly recommend working with MJ to get your message out to the world!”

~ Kathy Pike, author of Life Lessons from the Heart of Horses, Horse Spirits Speak, Hope from the Heart of Horses, and Pathways to a Radiant Self; co-publisher of Horse as Teacher: The Path to Authenticity and Horse as Teacher: The Path to Relationship

What’s different about working with us to
bring your story to life in a collaborative book project?
Experience and writing coaching!

The Awaken Your Creative Genius collaborative books are not like other anthology book programs. This is an 8-week writing program that assists you in writing and refining your core message with clear, hands-on coaching guidance to create your most compelling story.

By writing and publishing alongside other thought leaders, you decrease your time to publication, expand your reach to new audiences, and create lasting relationships with the other authors.

With 15 published collaborative anthology books – four that were best-sellers – and by coaching nearly 250 authors to become published, Transformational Writing Coach Micah (MJ) Schwader has developed a writing process that magically transforms writing clients as they step into their purpose, share their greatness, create their platform, and influence more lives. 

In the process, you and your readers will be transformed. The writing process is a very healing experience for writers as they dig deep into their story for the truth they want to share with their readers.

Our goal is to help emerging authors articulate their messages of transformation, well-being, and purpose and bring them to the world.

“The writing process was fascinating in that I was more interested in an angle that served me, and MJ pointed out an angle that would more serve the readers. A perfect and powerful shift. MJ’s tips on talking points and trying to figure out if I have a unique message was terrific. I learned that discipline and fortitude win out with something of value and something that lasts for readers to refer to for a long time. I achieved my goals and more.”

~ Katharine White, contributing author to A Guide to Getting It: Powerful Leadership Skills

Unearthing your authentic message while you
transform through writing is a powerful journey…

Writing a book is not like any other experience or training. It will change your life like nothing else you will experience. Supporting authors to see their dream become a reality as they emerge into their greatness is truly magical.

“I had always dreamed of becoming a writer, but always had doubt, or thought that I didn’t have time. However, this opportunity has made a dream become a reality. Because of all the support and tips, I know how to eliminate any preconceived writing obstacles. If anyone has dreams that they think are unattainable, obstacles that they can’t get over, or just burdens of life, then this is the right program, because transformation is guaranteed to occur.”

~Johanna Rochon, contributing author to Emerge: Real Stories of Courage and Truth

Our Invitation to You…

We value the expertise you have and would like to invite you to contribute a chapter to this collaborative-anthology book series. This is your opportunity to become a published author with support and assistance throughout your writing and publishing process—and without the headaches, time, and huge expense of getting a book published and promoted on your own.

By now, you’ve most likely come to one of two conclusions:

#1: “I’m way too busy to add writing to my schedule on top of everything else.” If that’s the conclusion you’ve reached, you’re right. Writing a book does take time. And that’s why we’ve designed this project to be less time-intensive for each author.

If this is your conclusion, keep reading to see how we can help you save time in your quest to become a published author.

#2: “What I really need at this point in my business is to be published, and this is a proven way to do that. I have a lot of faith in myself, passion for what I do, and I know I could be impacting a lot more people with my message. I’ve got something important to contribute to the world.”

If this is your conclusion, then this book project could be exactly right for you. Please keep reading to learning more about the writing coaches and to see what is involved in joining—from concept to publication and promotion of the book and series.

Who We Are…

Hi, I’m MJ Schwader,

As a Transformational Writing Coach, author, and publisher, one thing that came to my attention early was that all of the top people in their respective industries are published authors. By having a book, they are able to spread their message to more people, and being a published author gives them more credibility and visibility.

When I started coaching enlightened entrepreneurs and coaches to become published authors more than twenty years ago, I saw the need for more people to get their messages out to the world.

As one of the first writing coaches in the world, I repeatedly heard from potential clients that the time and money it took to write their own book was sometimes too much. Many of those I spoke with dreamed of writing their books, but never actually did. Some didn’t know how to get started, and others didn’t know what it would take to write and publish a book.

As a result, I began to create collaborative anthology books for coaches, speakers, and enlightened business owners to share their thoughts and stories with the world without having to write and publish an entire book on their own.

In the Guide to Getting It series by Business and Life Coaches, and the Horse as Teacher series in the world of Equine-Facilitated Learning and Coaching, I helped close to 150 authors become published, and collectively we’ve sold over 70,000 books. I also partnered with Cassandra Washington of One Degree Shift to publish three Amazon Best Sellers, Strengthen Your Wings; Emerge: Real Stories of Courage and Truth; and The Call to Soar, helping 50 women have their voices heard. I’ve also coached 70+ authors to write their own books, several becoming best-selling authors in their genre.

Hi, My name is Kori Gouge, and I have been exploring, teaching, coaching, and writing on personal growth, life and business transformation, and communication for over 20 years.

My fascination with human behavior and language led me to earn my BA in Psychology and MA in Intercultural Communication. My love of adventure led me to several multi-country solo overseas trips and to living and working abroad for close to three years.

In my work as a Transformation Coach, I guide visionary leaders and coaches to fill their practices with dream clients and grow their business with empowered sales without any complicated strategies. I have been using writing as a tool for transformation and self-expression for over 30 years, and my writing has been published in academic journals, poetry compilations, and websites.

Specifics… What you receive as a contributing author

We launched this business growth and book project because we understand the trials and tribulations of the traditional publishing world and of marketing in a busy, online world. Writing a book is a commitment of time, money, and energy, but so worth it when it comes to having a voice, sharing your wisdom, and building your business.

By being part of this project, you are supported every step of the way, and the book is published in a fraction of the time and expense.

If you think having a book is the right kind of business growth and marketing tool for you,
let me tell you some of the specifics of what you receive as a contributing author.

First, while you are involved in the Awaken Your Creative Genius project, you receive writing coaching from not one but two coaches, so you have the benefit of multiple perspectives. MJ and Kori will assist you in creating a powerful chapter. You’ll have help getting clear about your writing process, what material to present, and how to best convey your message.

This is a holistic business growth program that guides you to connect deeply with your core message and
turn that into a book chapter that elevates you as an expert in your field!

Through an intuitive writing process that uncovers more of your story, you will experience further clarity and healing regarding the work you are here to do. You will learn to articulate your story’s message with authenticity and conviction.

You will learn how to turn your journey into a narrative, non-fiction transformational story that will lead readers to reach out to you for more of what you offer.

At the completion of the program, you will have increased clarity, confidence, and conviction in your core message, mission, and purpose. You can then refine your business based on that core message, offering services that establish you as an intuitive leader.

Becoming a published author alongside other experts in this field gives you access to a more diverse audience for additional promotional and collaborative opportunities.

At the end of the project, you will also have the skills to write more effectively and more powerfully for the rest of your business career. Many of MJ’s authors have gone from writing a chapter in a collaborative book to having their own titles published – five as best-selling authors.

How Does a Collaborative Book Work?

What we are offering to contributing authors goes beyond simply having copies of the book that are yours to sell, give away, and use to promote your business:

  • You will be part of an 8-week coaching process that teaches you how to move through the six fears of writing to write with flow and ease, how to hook your reader and keep them reading, and how to refine and polish your writing!
  • You will receive three one-on-one writing coaching sessions with MJ and Kori and five group sessions where you will learn writing techniques and get prompts for homework. Each week you will receive individual feedback on your writing. By the end of the 8 weeks, you will have a completed draft of your chapter (4000 words).
  • Getting real and vulnerable and true in your writing will transform you. You will see new perspectives and aha’s that have been lurking at the edge of your consciousness, ready for you to shift so that your life can flow. As you travel the writing path, you will heal those parts you never even knew needed healing.
  • Increased marketing reach by collaborating with 11 other authors.
  • All of the books in the series will be available on Amazon, iBooks, and Kindle, as well as retail stores and libraries.
  • The book will be published much faster than writing and publishing a book on your own.
  • You will receive 175 copies of the book to sell. When you sell your copies of the book, you naturally keep your entire profit. If you sell all of your books at the retail price, you will recoup 50% of your investment! (You can order additional copies at cost if desired.)
  • Your chapter and the book cover are made into a downloadable PDF file for use on your website.
  • You receive templates and graphics for marketing tools to promote yourself and the book.
  • Press releases and material for press kits are designed and prepared for you.
  • In addition to participation in a pre-launch teleconference, you’ll also have the continued support of two subsequent monthly marketing teleconferences with the other contributing authors to discuss and plan book marketing techniques and tips.
  • Of course, your name is on the front cover, and your photo and title on the back cover.
  • The bio that accompanies your chapter is designed and written to position you as an expert on your topic.
  • Plus, you can showcase other products and services you provide.

What We Seek in Our Authors…

 Connection. We want authors who are willing to tell their stories in a way that will help people see and understand the many ways that discovering your creative genius and inner guidance can help individuals and the world.

Collaborative Energy. There are twelve authors in the book. Our authors must understand the power of working with others and also be willing to be part of a community.

Abundance Perspective. We see this as a win-win for everyone. We enjoy working with people who can see the positive way this book will work to make a change, connect them to others, expand their life, and bring the right clients to their work.

 Professional Approach. We attract a lot of highly creative individuals, and we love that! We also would like individuals who are our authors to have integrity in how they represent their work.

 Uplifter. We love to work with people who want to ‘uplift’ themselves and others and bring a positive experience to those they work with.

 Learner. We do not mind if you are not already a polished writer. As you can see in the package we have designed, we work with you to help you develop your writing skills and communicate your passion for building a business. With this said, you must want to learn and grow in this process of becoming an author.

Willingness to Invest in Empowering Yourself. We are seeking collaborators who are willing to invest time, energy, and money in promoting and expanding themselves and their businesses.

One Note…

This book series is expressly designed for people who intend their business to grow… Transformation Coaches, speakers, and enlightened leaders who want to increase the number of lives affected by their message.

The project is not for everybody. It may not be for you. It is not for people who are satisfied with where their business is; it’s not for people who aren’t willing to get out there and promote themselves; it’s not for people who believe that putting off writing their book is necessary because everything else is a higher priority.

Anthology Book Author Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it. All of the comments you’ve read in this invitation are from other authors in MJ’s collaborative series. They aren’t paid endorsements; they are actual unsolicited comments of what being part of the project has meant for them. Here are more comments from MJ’s collaborative authors…

“I had some reservations during this process. But I was not alone in this journey. I saw the concerns disappear one by one and I became more confident and relaxed with my writing. I would recommend this program to my friends to help them untangle, challenge their limiting beliefs, and awaken the creative parts in their life.”

~ Sandra Brooks, contributing author to Emerge: Real Stories of Courage and Truth

“I thought MJ as a writing coach was going to be highly critical. I could not have been more wrong! MJ is a nurturing, soul-centered person whose purpose is to help clients unblock and reveal the voice of their soul through the honest expression of transformative writing. Safely supported by MJ and my amazing writing buddies in the program, I learned techniques that unblocked me, decimating my fears of writing. I can’t wait to be a part of the next book!”

~ Allison McFadden, contributing author to Strengthen Your Wings and Emerge: Real Stories of Courage and Truth

“It felt soooooooo amazing today to sign and hand one of the books to my business partner and to the coach who kicked me into gear and got me to aspire to things that are really big enough for me, like this chapter.”

~ Nika Quirk, contributing author to Powerful Leadership Skills

“I learned after writing the first book that my writing made a difference to several people. They related to my story and it helped them. Making a difference in their lives was worth it to me. MJ is an awesome coach and provided excellent guidance during our book-writing journey. I’m thrilled and honored to be able to co-write another book with him again.”

~ Ilda Grimaldo, contributing author to Strengthen Your Wings and Emerge: Real Stories of Courage and Truth

“I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the anthology. It achieved my immediate goal of becoming a published author. The experience was amazing and gave me a new perspective on my desire and ability to write as a profession.” 

~ Gail Ostrishko, faculty member of William Glasser Institute and contributing author to  A Guide to Getting It: A Clear, Compelling Vision

“The process of writing the chapter was reflective and cathartic and very surprisingly did not take the effort that I dreaded.”

~ Bernadette Snider, MCC, Founder, The Leadership Choice Group, Inc., and contributing author to A Guide to Getting It
Powerful Leadership Skills

“I want to thank MJ for sharing his experience with every one of us, for all of his advice, for helping us to be better writers, and for showing us how to polish the rough edges in the writing to bring out the best in our stories.”

~ Maria J. Martinez, contributing author to Emerge: Real Stories of Courage and Truth

“MJ was amazing to work with. In our work together, he pointed out another direction that I should write about, which truly helped my message. He also encouraged me to pursue speaking, and for that, I am truly thankful. Working with MJ was inspirational and transformational. I feel blessed to be a part of this book along with so many amazing authors. If you are looking to grow yourself, to really dig deep and transform on the inside, this is the program for you.”

~ Michelle J. Perzan, contributing author of Emerge: Real Stories of Courage and Truth and her recently published book, Strength in My Storm: Faith and Breast Cancer

“I would tell my best friend and anyone, ‘Just do it. Your story, your message, they are valuable gifts to give the world.’”

~ Kali Rodriguez, contributing author of Emerge: Real Stories of Courage and Truth

What’s Your Investment?

If you would like to write and publish a book on your own, you can arrange that (with headaches and hassles included) for about $16,000-$20,000. The editing process itself can be $5000-$10,000. In addition, it will likely take you 1-2 years to write, edit, and publish your book. 

Or you can skip the headaches and hassles, get all the benefits we’ve just described, build a collaborative community with the other authors, and  becoming a published author in much less time while walking away with powerful writing skills for future books and publications…

… All for an investment of $6,997!

Once you are a published author, you can leverage your book. You’ll have:

  • A platform from which you can create more products – the best way to develop residual income.
  • You become a part of a group of authors, providing synergy, additional marketing and promotion effort, and connections. (A big benefit of contributing is the networking you’ll do.)
  • When you sell your 175 books for the suggested retail price, you can recoup half of your investment.

 Will you join us to attain your goal of sharing your message in a book?

Will you use YOUR creative genius to help others use theirs?


There are already potential authors considering participating in the upcoming book. If you are interested, take a simple action now:

Schedule a time to talk to MJ and Kori and answer your questions.

There is no risk and no obligation. Just get your questions answered.

We understand that not everyone is able to pay the full amount,
so if you are interested and ready to make the commitment to join us, we offer payment plans.

If you’re really serious about getting your message out and impacting the world, this is your most important next step to take. Click here to schedule a call and get all of your questions answered.

Best Regards,

Kori Gouge

Micah (MJ) Schwader

P.S. If you want to be part of a quick, proven way to position yourself as the definitive leader in your field – take action now! There are 12 5 spaces left. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.