Write Your Story, Change Your Life
Transform Through Writing

Imagine holding your new book in your hands, your chest bursting with pride that you conquered your resistances and shared your message with the world. You look back with amazement at who you were when you first sat down to write and who you have become, and you marvel at the healing and transformation you have had by writing from the depths of your soul.

You can probably imagine that day, but getting from where you are to where you want to be can seem daunting.

But what if you had someone to guide you on that path? Someone who has taken that journey and knows the ins and outs, the tools and allies, the fears and how to overcome them… how to remove obstacles and find the hidden treasures buried deep within you.

There are no coincidences. You are at this site because you’ve been searching for something or someone to help you fulfill your dream of writing. Something has called you and you’ve already begun the journey by searching for help.

There are a lot of programs and courses out there to choose from. At times it can seem overwhelming to pick one of them, much less to start to write.

This is often the point where people either abandon their dream because it’s too hard…

… or they step firmly onto the path, knowing they can’t NOT write, and that nothing will ever be the same in their life because they will never be the same for having done it.

Hi! My name is MJ Schwader and I’m a Transformational Writing Coach, Author, and Publisher

Nearly twenty years ago, I started coaching clients on how to become published authors. However, using the linear, logical methods we’ve all been taught in school wasn’t resulting in success. Instead, those techniques increased their fears of writing, and kept them from sharing their story.

In looking for a way for my writers to address those fears, resistances, and blocks, I developed a writing process that helped my clients make leaps and bounds in their writing in a very short time.

And then a funny thing started to happen… I began to hear from my clients that writing their story using my method was deepening their journey of healing and transformation.

What was also remarkable was that clients with very little prior writing experience were finding ease and flow within weeks — and sometimes days — of using my process.

While my process makes writing more enjoyable and you’ll find ease and flow quickly, to be honest, writing a transformational and transcendent book will challenge you. The changes you will need to make to write with impact will not always be easy. But writing with the process I have developed is a magical experience of unfoldment, of digging to the depths of your soul to share what is burning inside you, waiting to be revealed.

You can write an informational book in a weekend, but if you want your book to change lives, to get people to take action, to be of service to others in a deep and meaningful way, to heal yourself and others, then let me invite you to join me for my new course, Write Your Story, Change Your Life: Transform Through Writing.

“If I were to recommend this program to my best friend, I would tell her to dive in, be challenged, be set free, and be transformed through writing. It is more than just a project; it is an experience.”

~ Anita Boutwell-Dixon, contributing author to Emerge: Real Stories of Courage and Truth

If You…

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  • are ready to bring your message to life for you, your readers, your business, and your world…
  • are ready to step into your greater purpose and tell your story…
  • have been called to write for months or years, and you feel your time is now…
  • trust your intuition that there are no coincidences and that everything happens for a reason
  • are ready to overcome limitations, resistance, and time restraints to produce exceptional results…
  • would love to have a guide – a transformational writing coach – to help you through the process with all of its ups and downs…

… I can help you!

Twenty years ago I saw a need for more healers, coaches, speakers, and conscious entrepreneurs to share their ideas, concepts, and stories with a broader audience. Many of those I spoke with dreamed of writing their books, but never actually did. Some didn’t know how to get started, and others didn’t know what it would take to write and publish or to build a business around their book.

With 15 published anthology books, nearly 100 individually published books – several of which were best-sellers – and by coaching nearly 250 authors to become published, my writing process magically transforms my clients as they step into their purpose, share their greatness, create their platform, and influence more lives by writing their stories.

What would it be like to emerge in 2021 with a book?

And not just any book, but one that transforms you and your readers as you share your message with the world?

Starting October 6th, 2020, I’m presenting a special 8-week writing coaching series for people who want to write and publish their transformational book. This series is specifically designed for writers who want to transform themselves and the world while bringing their book to life.

Each live weekly session, combined with direct personal and private written feedback from MJ, is designed to teach you how to create your book, overcome challenges, and stay on track. Along the way, you’ll have both guidance and accountability as you write.

“I had some reservations during this process. But I was not alone on this journey. I saw the concerns disappear one by one and I became more confident and relaxed with my writing. I would recommend this program to my friends to help them untangle, challenge their limiting beliefs, and awaken the creative parts in their life.”

~ Sandra Brooks, contributing author to Emerge: Real Stories of Courage and Truth

Unearthing your authentic message while you transform through writing is a powerful journey…

Writing is not like any other experience or training. You will experience the transition from the old self to the new, of your wounded self to your healed, of your old way of being to step into a new perspective. Even if you think you know it all, writing uncovers hidden truths, sneaky beliefs, and new perspectives. There will be frustration and denial, but as you travel farther down the path they will melt to wonder and awe at how writing can heal those parts you never even knew needed healing.


Getting real and vulnerable and true in your writing will transform you. You will see new perspectives and aha’s that have been lurking at the edge of your consciousness, ready for you to shift so that your life can flow.

Writing does that for you, and – even better – for your readers, too.

“I had always dreamed of becoming a writer, but always had doubt, or thought that I didn’t have time. However, this opportunity has made a dream become a reality. Because of all the support and tips, I know how to eliminate any preconceived writing obstacles. If anyone has dreams that they think are unattainable, obstacles that they can’t get over, or just burdens of life, then this is the right program, because transformation is guaranteed to occur.”

~ Johanna Rochon, contributing author to Emerge: Real Stories of Courage and Truth

What a thing to accomplish – becoming a writer!

If you feel you are ready to step onto your writing path — to write your book and start to build your platform as you hone your message and transform yourself and your readers — now is the time.

“MJ was amazing to work with. In our work together, he pointed out another direction that I should write about, which truly helped my message. MJ also encouraged me to pursue speaking, and for that I am truly thankful. Working with MJ was inspirational and transformational. If you are looking to grow yourself, to really dig deep and transform on the inside, this is the program for you.

~ Michelle J. Perzan, contributing author of Emerge: Real Stories of Courage and Truth
and her recently published book,
Strength in My Storm: Faith and Breast Cancer

Here’s how it works…

  1. From October 6th and each Tuesday through November, I’ll host live group coaching sessions in Zoom, where I will share my process with you. Note that the class size is limited so that I can better serve each participant.
  2. Each week you will receive writing homework for you to finish before the next week’s lesson. The homework will include specific exercises for you to become a master of the writing craft (if you want to become a writer, you’ll need to write!).
  3. You will upload your writing homework to a private, online site for me to review and give you feedback (weekly accountability will help you keep on track).
  4. The combination of live calls and coaching feedback on your writing will guide you through my established process for breaking through your fears and resistance to create writing that will transform both you and your readers.
  5. At any time, you can email me with questions or post them in our private community site and I will respond within 24 hours.
  6. If you would like to have one-on-one coaching sessions with me in addition to the group coaching, I provide discounted coaching rates for webinar participants.
“MJ is a remarkable teacher, coach, and writer who uses all of those skills to bring out the best in clients. Working with MJ is like getting a great weekly massage for your creative and inspirational muscles. MJ helped me break through kinks and tight spots so I could put words to what was in my soul. He knows first-hand all the tricks and excuses people hide behind and lovingly but firmly calls you on your stuff. MJ provided the tools and discipline I needed and helped me more in a short time than all the workshops I’ve done and how-to books I’ve read. If you want to grow both personally and as a writer, MJ is the person you want on your side.”
~ Steve Harsh, Life Coach, Minister, Author and Speaker

Here is a glimpse of what you’ll learn

Week 1: Facing the blank page
Uncovering the fears and resistances that hold you back so you can write with ease and joy

How to see a long writing project through to completion: a glimpse of your life as a writer

Week 2: Uncovering the core of your story
How to find the story you need to tell (it’s not always what you think it will be)

Developing your voice to tell the story in a unique and compelling way

Week 3: Exploring your deepest depths without alienating the reader
How to be vulnerable without being self-indulgent, create depth without sentimentality, and share without oversharing

How to take risks with language and your style of writing to keep readers looking for more

Week 4: Using the basic elements of creative nonfiction to create vibrant storytelling
How to develop real-life characters in your true stories

Creating scenes that move the story forward (showing versus telling)

Week 5: Earning the reader’s trust
Learn to speak your truth with strength and authenticity

Learn how to use summary and resolution effectively

Week 6: Using the rhythm of writing to build suspense and reader engagement
How not telling everything strengthens your writing

How to bring the reader with you using the story arc

Week 7: Sharpening your writing
The importance of refining to polish your message

Building sentences that grip the reader

Week 8: Bringing the right idea, in the right form, to the right people
Self-publishing versus traditional publishing

Building and maintaining visibility and revenue streams from your book

“As I began writing, the idea of reaching many with my insights and ideas was powerful and exciting. Being published definitely raised my credibility in my mind and others. More people are drawn to me.”

~ Claire Walsh, contributing author to A Guide to Getting It: Achieving Abundance

At the end of the 8 weeks, you will:

  • Be clear about your topic and your audience
  • Understand your fears and how to overcome them
  • Be in the writing flow
  • Have a clear vision and strategy for your “business from a book”
  • Have your first chapter written (and possibly more)
  • Be able to call yourself a writer!

More comments from my clients:

“The writing process was fascinating in that I was more interested in an angle that served me, and MJ pointed out an angle that would more serve the readers. A perfect and powerful shift. MJ’s tips on talking points and trying to figure out if I have a unique message was terrific. I learned that discipline and fortitude win out with something of value and something that lasts for readers to refer to for a long time. I achieved my goals and more.”
~ Katharine White, contributing author to A Guide to Getting It: Powerful Leadership Skills

“I thought MJ as a writing coach was going to be highly critical. I could not have been more wrong! MJ is a nurturing, soul-centered person whose purpose is to help clients unblock and reveal the voice of their soul through the honest expression of transformative writing. Safely supported by MJ and my amazing writing buddies in the program, I learned techniques that unblocked me, decimating my fears of writing!”
~ Allison McFadden, contributing author to Strengthen Your Wings and Emerge: Real Stories of Courage and Truth

“I learned after writing the first book that my writing made a difference to several people. They related to my story and it helped them. Making a difference in their lives was worth it to me. MJ is an awesome coach and provided excellent guidance during our book-writing journey. I’m thrilled and honored to be able to co-write another book with him again.”
~ Ilda Grimaldo, contributing author to Strengthen Your Wings and Emerge: Real Stories of Courage and Truth

“It felt soooooooo amazing today to sign and hand one of the books to my business partner and to the coach who kicked me into gear and got me to aspire to things that are really big enough for me, like becoming a published author.”
~ Nika Quirk, contributing author to Powerful Leadership Skills

“I want to thank MJ for sharing his experience with every one of us, for all of his advice, for helping us to be better writers, and for showing us how to polish the rough edges in the writing to bring out the best in our stories.”
~ Maria J. Martinez, contributing author to Emerge: Real Stories of Courage and Truth

“I would tell my best friend and anyone, ‘Just do it.’ Your story, your message, they are valuable gifts to give the world.’”
~ Kali Rodriguez, contributing author of Emerge: Real Stories of Courage and Truth

If you are ready to…

Most recent client book, published autumn 2019. River to Ocean: Living in the Flow of Wakefulness by Katherine Jansen-Bykrit

…fulfill that long-awaited dream of writing

…heal yourself and your readers as you bring your message to life

…unearth your authentic message, while you transform through writing, then join me for this 8-week journey to the depths of your writing soul, and emerge transformed.

Write Your Story, Change Your Life Webinar
starts October 6th, 2020!

Your Investment in You…

To receive the benefits in this course you would normally pay from $3,600-$5000. But I know not everyone can afford to pay for one-to-one coaching. Because I would like to see more people write their stories, share their messages, and heal and transform themselves and their readers, I have reduced your investment to just $597

Remember, class size is limited so sign up before all the spots are filled!

If you have questions, click here to schedule a complimentary discovery session and let’s talk!