Transformational Writing Coaching - Write Your Book

Inside you is an important message that the world is waiting for…

… but sharing your story in words is scary. There are so many things to consider and forces to overcome. And yet you feel called to tell the world your experiences and what you’ve learned.

If only you could find someone you could trust, who understands the journey you’ve traveled, and sees your unique essence; someone who can gently but strongly encourage you to dive to the depths of your soul and extract the treasures in your writing.

Someone who can move you from accountability to action, who has had many successes with published authors, and understands what it takes to make your book a success.

If You…

  • are ready to bring your message to life for you, your readers, your business, and your world…
  • are ready to step into your greater purpose and tell your story…
  • have been called to write a book for months or years, and you feel your time is now…
  • trust your intuition that there are no coincidences and that everything happens for a reason…
  • are ready to overcome limitations, resistance, and time restraints to produce exceptional results
  • would love to have a guide to help you through the process with all of its ups and downs…

… I can help you reach your goals!

Hi, I’m Micah Schwader, a Transformational Writing Coach, Author, and Publisher.

Twenty years ago I saw a need for more coaches, speakers, and conscious entrepreneurs to share their ideas, concepts, and stories with a broader audience. Many of those I spoke with dreamed of writing their books, but never actually did. Some didn’t know how to get started, and others didn’t know what it would take to write and publish or to build a business around their book.

Having worked with over 250 authors on 16 anthology books and over 75 individually published books, I’ve developed a writing process that magically transforms my clients as they step into their purpose, share their greatness, create their platform, and influence more lives.

Building a “Laptop Lifestyle”

In my coaching, I encourage authors to create a business around their book. My Multiple Streams of Writing Income Guide (download here), helps you build the platform that will propel your message out to the world. In addition to books, I help authors create Kindle ebooks, home-study programs, and speaking topics, all based on their book’s core message and how the author wants it to influence the world.

Once your systems are set to promote one product, you will have everything you need in place for all of what you offer.

Building more passive streams of income from your book, ebook, and home-study programs, you free yourself to live what I call a “laptop lifestyle” – the ability to work from home or on the road and have the freedom to explore while you are serving the world.

Whether you are in transition in life, or you are driven to create a ministry around your book, living a laptop lifestyle opens up opportunities and adventure.

Unearthing your authentic message while you transform through writing is a powerful journey…

Writing a book is not like any other experience or training. It will change your life like nothing else you will experience. Supporting authors to see their dream become a reality as they emerge into their greatness is truly magical. The changes I’ve seen in my clients still marvels me. And taking the coaching further to help my clients create a business from a book goes far beyond what most writing coaches provide.

If you feel you are ready to step onto your writing path – to write, publish, and market your book, and to build your platform as you hone your message – now is the time.

My ideal clients:

  • see a vision for a life and a business built around their book’s message
  • set a goal and strive to make their dream a reality
  • feel that this time in our world is theirs, and they have an important message to share
  • feel called to serve and make a difference in the world
  • would like to publish a book in 2024